We love pets, but we don’t love how easy it is for them to make a mess in our home. Keeping your home neat and tidy when pets are involved is almost impossible. This can become frustrating, especially in these recent weeks. Rain and pets are not a good mix, and your home will likely be decorated with muddy paw prints and outdoor debris.

In our last blog, we gave some tips on how to keep your home cleaner as a pet owner. In this blog, we are going to give you even more tips! At Clean Bees Homekeepers, we love our pets but we also love a clean home, and we know you do too! That is why we offer one-time and repeat cleaning services, to help keep your home clean. We also provide tips to help you keep your home clean between our visits. Read on to learn more tips for a clean home with pets!

Invest in a Better Vacuum

Your vacuum cleaner matters when it comes to keeping your pet-filled home clean. Some vacuum cleaners can suck up every last hair and help rid your home of pet odors at the same time! A light and easy-to-use vacuum is a great choice since you will be more likely to pull it out on a daily basis, whereas a heavy and inconvenient vacuum is a hassle to use daily. You will want to find a vacuum with a quality filter, a good brush to help remove hair, and a super strong suction. You will also want to clean out the filter often to help keep your vacuum running properly and reduce any odors.

You may even consider getting an automatic vacuum that will regularly move about your room, sucking up dog hair, cleaning your floors, and allowing you to worry about other things. This is a great investment that you will love!

Attack Stains Fast

If you notice a stain on your carpet, whether it is a puppy accident or mud dragged in from outside, you will want to jump on that stain fast! The sooner you tackle it with stain remover or soap and water, the more likely you will be to remove it from your carpet or furniture. Keep stain remover easily accessible in your home.

Keep Paws Clean

After a walk, your dog’s paws are likely to be messy and wet, especially recently! But that doesn’t mean you have to let them track wet and muddy paw prints throughout the house. Keeping a towel and a heavy duty doormat right by the door that you use when returning from your walk can allow you to wipe your pup’s paws quickly and easily before they make their excited lap around your home.

These are a few more tips for keeping your home clean with pets. If you learned nothing new, but are still struggling with a messy home, give us a call. The cleaning team at Clean Bees Homekeepers can help transform your home and give it a squeaky clean finish! Have us clean one time after the rain stops, or have us stop by weekly to help remove any sign of your furry friends! Our Northern Colorado cleaners can get the job done for you.