So, you’re expecting some special visitors at the office. Let’s wow them.

For an extra set of hands just when you need it…

  1. Review the Clean Bees Standard Cleaning checklist
  2. Request a free consultation
  3. Chat with a consultant to book your cleaning one of two ways
    1. Clean the whole office to Standard and receive a bill that reflects total time spent per cleaner, per hour.
    2. Buy a predetermined number of hours and cleaners will work down your list of priority rooms until the number of hours purchased is reached. You can pick up where we leave off.
  4. Get back to what you do best, we’ve got you covered.

The Clean Bees Standard
Our Standard has been expertly designed to restore balance and harmony to every space. We blend together Essential, Deep, and Optional Cleaning Tasks to comprehensively clean and polish your home or office.

Our free consultation allows us to get to know each other and will help to design your perfect cleaning.