Dust is one thing that nobody likes having in their home. Yet, it piles up on surfaces in every room. No matter how often you dust, a week later, it will show up again without fail. Dust is made up of plant pollen, fiber from clothing, and dead skin cells.

According to an article from Housewife How-To’s mentions that the average house collects 40 lbs of dust in one year. While dust is impossible to keep out of your home, there are some ways to reduce the amount of dust that collects throughout the week.

With our team at Clean Bees Homekeepers in Fort Collins, we can help keep your home dust-free with our repeat cleaning services. If you are sick of seeing dust collecting around your home week after week, our team can clean your entire home so that you can come back to a cleaner space. But dust is still likely to collect, so we wanted to give you some tips for reducing the amount of dust in your home! Read this blog and start ridding your home of the excess dust.

Wash Bedding Weekly

Washing your sheets and pillowcases once a week may seem excessive, but it can help reduce the amount of dust in your home. Dead skin cells and hair gather in your bedding as your sleep. When you wash your sheets and other bedding once a week, you can reduce the amount of dust that makes its way to other areas of your home. Plus, you can also prevent dust mites from gathering in your home by washing your bedding regularly. If you want to be really extreme in ridding your home of dust, you can vacuum your mattress while cleaning your sheets to remove dead skin and hair from the bed itself.

Get a Good Duster

Feather dusters may look fun but they are actually horrible at removing dust from your home. These dusters just work to push dust around, making it eventually end up on the floor. A microfiber cloth or microfiber duster is the best option when it comes to removing dust particles from your home. These types of dusters can help remove more dust from your home rather than push it to new areas. Just be sure to clean your microfiber cloth or change the duster regularly to better dust your furniture.

Dust All Areas

While dusting tables, shelves, and other areas that you constantly see dust collecting on is obviously something you should do, there are other areas that you may not think to dust regularly.

As you go through your home dusting, be sure to get the hard to reach areas and places where cobwebs and dust collect that you may not always notice. This includes blinds, baseboards, corners of rooms, the space between the furniture and the wall, lampshades, and any other trinkets you have around your home. By dusting all of these areas, you will be able to remove more dust and keep your home cleaner.

Ditch The Carpet

While this may not be a simple way to reduce the dust in your home, it can really make a difference. If you are redoing your floors or plan on redoing them in the future, try to avoid carpeting. While it may look nice and be nice with kids and pets, it is a magnet for dust and dust mites. Even vacuuming daily (which we know you don’t do) doesn’t collect all of the dust. If you have allergy sufferers in your home, the carpet may be the problem. If you do want to stick with your carpet, be sure to use a vacuum with a double-layered microfilter bag or a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter. This will help keep dust from finding its way back into the air.

Vacuum More

First of all, you should ditch the broom. Sweeping will only kick up more dust than it will collect. Instead, vacuum your floors to pick up more dust and dirt. Find a vacuum that works great on hardwood, tile, and carpet and use it throughout your entire home. Be sure to vacuum the heavily trafficked area in your home two to three times a week and the other areas of your home at least once a week. This will help keep your home cleaner and dust free.

Clean From Top to Bottom

While we can take care of your weekly cleaning for you, if you ever do find yourself cleaning your home on your own, clean from top to bottom. Clean the highest surfaces first and work your way down. Wipe counters and shelves down before vacuuming. This will help remove dust that may have fallen to the floor while dusting your furniture.

Use Air Purifiers

Air purifiers can help to keep the air in your home cleaner and reduce dust. This is especially beneficial if anyone in your family has allergies or asthma. An air filter can remove dust particles from the air in your home, however, they will not remove dust mites, since they are not airborne. So, even though an air purifier will help, you will still want to hold on to your duster.

There are many tips to reduce the dust in your home, but these are some of the best! If you follow these tips, you can enjoy cleaner air and a cleaner home. Our team at Clean Bees Homekeepers in Northern Colorado can also help keep your home clean and dust free! Have us help by scheduling a repeat cleaning service for your home. Get a free estimate now or contact us to learn more!