Have you ever started to empty the dish washer and find yourself, 5 hours later, with your kitchen totally torn apart because you realized you just had to reorganize all your kitchen cupboards. Well, rebranding the company, building a new website, and overhauling almost every in house document started a little like unloading the dishes and spending the next two years in the kitchen!

The changes we have made are not just aesthetic. We took a step back and reevaluated the business from the ground up. We asked: Who are we? What type of work do we really want to do? What systems have room for improvement? How can we become more efficient? What will speak to our clients? Current and new? What do our clients and employees need from us? It has been a long road filled with reflection, laughter, writing- lots and lots of writting, and sometimes even tears. I could not be more proud of the people who brought this project into reality.

I would like to thank Becky, for seeing it from beginning to end and every piece in between. Torrie, for adding website writing to her laundry list of other tasks here in the office. And thank you to Josh Emrich- thank you for giving Clean Bees our new look and feel from brand to website! You are amazing and with out you our new look wouldn’t be nearly as fitting. Thank you, thank you!

We consider the website you see here draft one, we will fill it in over the next few months with things that we think will speak to you.

Welcome to our new site.