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When giving you a free estimate, we ask questions to understand you and your unique needs, allowing us to create the perfect cleaning plan for you. Choose from our good, better, or best options for your home, office, or rental!

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Our team is trustworthy, dependable, and the perfect addition to your home. Let’s just say we spend our free time mining for gems. We can take your messy home, office, or rental property and make it squeaky clean! Meet our team now.


Why should you choose us?


Our apprenticeship-style Homekeeper’s Academy ensures each Bee is expertly trained to clean your home, office, or rental to meet your standards. We do our best to send you the same team each visit.


We present “Good, Better, and Best” cleaning options during our in person estimate, so you can pick the service that’s just right for you. We will clean your home, office, or rental based on your specifications!


Since 2001, Clean Bees Homekeepers have earned high ratings — 4.8 Google and 5.0 on Facebook. We promise to deliver you the high quality results you expect when cleaning your home, office, or rental property!


Our office team is knowledgeable and experienced. Together with our homekeepers, we are an amazing team ready to serve you! We can help with all of your cleaning needs for your home, office, or rental property!

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